Hand in Hand

Project idea

Associations may integrate the help of asylum seekers in their projects or events.

Examples of services:

  • Sell badges at carnival
  • Up-keeping forest for a nature conservation organization
  • Festivals, end-of-the-event cleaning
  • Traffic services für pre-school children
  • Installation and dismounting at festivities

Asylum seekers receive meals and 7 Swiss Francs for the commitment which will be paid by the association. In addition the association will pay the transportation costs. 


Asylum seekers are offered a meaningful occupation and consequently come in touch with other people. Associations receive support with volunteer work and are able to get in touch with asylum seekers.

Mission of the coordination office 

  • Inform and assist associations (information events, networking etc.)
  • Administration help (work application for the canton Aargau) for associations
  • Communication KSD (Kantonaler Sozialdienst)
  • Mobilization of asylum seekers  
  • Coordination of assignments 
  • Information desk for associations, asylum seekers and municipalities